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Regional Structure

In line with the organizational structure of ICA globally, all Regional Offices of ICA, have adopted administrative structures.

There is the Regional Assembly, which meets once in every two years, bring together the representatives from member organizations in the Region. The Regional Assembly formulates policies on major issues affecting the organization and the co-operative movement in the Region. The Regional Assembly elects a Chairperson, for a period of 4 years, who will be the nominee from the Region to the ICA Board for the position of Vice President.


The Regional Assembly constitutes a Regional Board, elected from the delegates to the Regional Assembly, to oversee the working and activities of the ICA Regional Office. The chairperson of the Regional Assembly will be the chairperson of the Regional Board also. The Regional Assembly shall also elect a maximum of eight other members to the Regional Board from among the candidates proposed by member organizations, who shall be representatives of the Region as a whole and of its co-operative sectors.

There are sector-specific specialized committees established in the Region to take care of sectoral interests. The committees elect their office bearers for a two-year term. At present, the following committees are functioning in the region:

  • ICA-AP Committee on Agriculture 
  • ICA-AP Committee on Human Resource Development 
  • ICA-AP Committee on Consumer 
  • ICA-AP Committee on University/Campus Co-operatives 
  • ICA-AP Committee on Gender
  • ICA-AP Committee on Forestry
  • ICA-AP Committee on Credit and Banking
  • ICA-AP Committee on Youth Cooperation
  • ICA-AP Committee on Research

The Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific has its offices in New Delhi, India. To promote inter-cooperative trade in the region, a business office has been set up in Malaysia.
The day-to-day operations and activities are conducted by the Regional Director with the help of professional and support staff.