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The 18th ICA Asia Pacific Research Conference on ‘Cooperatives in the Next Industrial Revolution’ aims to explore the role of cooperatives in shaping the future of work amidst the ongoing technological advancements and industrial transformations. In an era marked by automation, digitalization, and globalization, cooperatives emerge as a resilient and sustainable alternative, fostering democratic workplaces, equitable distribution of wealth, and community empowerment. This conference provides a platform for scholars, practitioners, policymakers, entrepreneurs and activists to exchange insights, share best practices, and chart a collective path forward for cooperatives in the evolving landscape of the Next Industrial Revolution.




Building Resilient Cooperatives

  • Exploring the resilience of cooperatives in the face of economic disruptions and technological shifts.
  • Strategies for building sustainable business models and ensuring long-term viability.
  • Case studies highlighting successful examples of resilience in cooperatives across different industries.


Harnessing Technology for Empowerment

  • Leveraging digital tools and platforms to enhance productivity, collaboration, and decision-making within cooperatives.
  • Addressing challenges and opportunities posed by automation, artificial intelligence, and the gig economy.
  • Promoting inclusive digitalization and ensuring equitable access to technology among cooperative members.


Fostering Inclusive Growth and Social Justice


  • Examining the role of cooperatives in advancing economic democracy, social justice, and wealth distribution.
  • Strategies for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within cooperative governance and decision-making processes.
  • Collaborative approaches to address systemic inequalities and promote community development through cooperative initiatives.


Policy and Regulatory Frameworks


  • Assessing the policy landscape for cooperatives at national and international levels.
  • Identifying regulatory barriers and advocating for supportive legal frameworks to facilitate the growth of cooperative enterprises.
  • Case studies on successful policy interventions and legislative reforms promoting the development of cooperatives.


Based on the above perspectives, the conference aims to address a wide range of topics from different academic fields and traditions, including – among others:


  1. Coordination between cooperatives and corporations, Government, people’s organizations, and non-government organizations
  2. Corporate social responsibility, creating shared value, stakeholder engagement etc.
  3. Policy and legal frameworks, public private partnership, enabling environment etc.
  4. Governing commons through cooperatives: managing resources, irrigation, agriculture, fisheries etc.
  5. New areas, Services and Advocacy: Health and medical care, elderly care, childcare, energy platforms, transportation, education-advocacy programs, etc.
  6. Digital platforms and adoption of technology
  7. Circular economy: Equity, sustainability, transparency, and resilience
  8. Addressing internal challenges and adapting to external conditions


The above thematic topics are NOT exhaustive submissions are invited from related and unrelated topics of relevance to the overall theme.


Through engaging sessions, collaborative workshops, and networking opportunities, the conference seeks to foster dialogue, inspire action, and strengthen the global movement for cooperatives in the next industrial revolution.



Researchers interested in presenting their papers at the conference, need to submit an abstract of not more than 600 words that should broadly include the research question, methodology, likely contribution to the field of knowledge and relevant literature. The abstracts should be submitted in the following format:


  • Title of paper
  • Name(s) and affiliations of Authors
  • Main theme/ objective of the paper
  • Methodological and/or Conceptual approach
  • Bibliography, Keywords and Contact details for corresponding author(s).


Poster proposals may also be sent, especially by young researchers, postgraduate and doctoral students.

Abstracts of conference papers and poster proposals can be submitted online after registration at the conference portal. Conference Portal can be accessed at 



Young Scholars and Early Career Researchers’ Workshop

During the conference, a dedicated workshop will be organized for young scholars and early career researchers in order to cultivate and enhance an interdisciplinary collaboration. The workshop will be an opportunity for these scholars to present their research in a friendly environment and be provided constructive feedback and support from senior academics researchers in the field. The organizers will provide select number of scholarships to cover the cost of travel and accommodation (if any), on merit-cum-need basis.


Young Researcher Award

The ICA-AP CCR will bestow two meritorious papers with Dr. Mauritz Bonow Young Researcher Award (US$ 500 and US$ 300) to researchers not over 35 years of age, presenting their papers at the conference.




The organisers are exploring various options to publish peer-reviewed research papers with reputed journals and book publishers. All presented full papers will be published in the conference proceeding (ISBN registered).



Event start date:
Tuesday, October 15, 2024
Event end date:
Saturday, October 19, 2024
Venue: Kozhikode, Kerala