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In the evolving digital landscape, cooperatives have emerged as a dynamic force in fostering inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Digital cooperative platforms, driven by and for youth, offer innovative solutions to contemporary challenges, including employment, entrepreneurship, and community development. The Asia and Pacific region, characterised by its diverse demographics and rapid technological advancements, is uniquely positioned to harness the potential of digital cooperatives to empower young people.


The webinar, "Digital Cooperatives Platforms By and For Youth in Asia and Pacific" will explore how digital cooperative models can be leveraged to create opportunities for youth, enhance social inclusion, and contribute to regional economic development. Organised by the ICA Asia and Pacific Committee on Cooperatives in Educational Institutions (ICEI), this event aims to bring together stakeholders from various sectors to discuss strategies, share best practices, and identify pathways for collaboration.


Cooperatives in universities and educational institutions already provide crucial services such as affordable housing, subsidised student services, and educational resources. With the advancement of digital technologies, there is immense potential to expand these services through youth-led and student-led digital platforms. These platforms can address new and emerging needs such as mental health support, job placement services, eco-friendly initiatives, and digital learning resources, thus fostering a holistic and supportive environment for students.


Digital cooperatives, which are member-owned and controlled online platforms, can empower youth by expanding their services to newer domains such as:

  • Skill development: Digital cooperatives offer opportunities for young people to develop digital literacy, business management skills, and cooperative principles.
  • Financial inclusion: Cooperatives provide access to financial services like loans and savings, which can help young people overcome financial barriers.
  • Entrepreneurial and employment opportunities: Digital cooperatives allow young people to develop and manage their online businesses, fostering innovation and job creation.




  • Discuss the role of digital cooperative platforms in promoting sustainable economic growth and social inclusion among campus cooperatives and youth in the Asia and Pacific region.
  • Present successful examples/ case studies of youth-led digital cooperatives and collectives in Asia and the Pacific to inspire and inform participants.
  • Identify services domains and strategies where youth-led digital cooperatives can be established and fostered within college and university campuses.


Target Audience

  • Youth leaders, university cooperative leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Cooperative practitioners, policymakers, and leaders from established cooperatives interested in youth engagement
  • Researchers, educators and those interested in youth cooperatives and digital innovation
  • Representatives from educational institutions, cooperatives and Government agencies
  • Analyse the key challenges youth face in the cooperative sector to establish digital service collectives and explore opportunities to overcome these.
  • Create a platform for dialogue and networking among young cooperative leaders, policymakers, educators, and other stakeholders.




Digital cooperatives hold immense potential for driving inclusive and sustainable development in the Asia and Pacific region. By empowering youth with the tools, knowledge, and networks needed to succeed, we can build a resilient and equitable future. Join us on 25th June 2024 to explore the transformative power of digital cooperatives and to contribute to shaping a brighter future for the region's youth.



Registration details and link are available here.


About ICA Asia and Pacific Committee on Cooperatives in Educational Institutions (ICEI)

The ICA Asia and Pacific Committee on Cooperatives in Educational Institutions (ICEI), formerly known as the ICA-AP Committee on University/Campus Cooperatives, was established in 2008 during the ICA-AP Regional Assembly in Hanoi, Vietnam. Its primary objectives include promoting the development of cooperatives in educational institutions, such as universities, colleges, and high schools, with active participation from teachers, staff, and students. Additionally, ICEI aims to integrate youth into cooperatives, emphasising cooperative values, self-help, and mutuality. ICEI has 26 members from 13 countries in the Asia-Pacific region.


Event start date:
Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Event end date:
Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Venue: Zoom Meeting