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ICA-AP Regional Cooperative Research Conference, held on November 5-6, 2015 at

VAMNICOM, Pune, India.


Summary of the Proceedings


The 10th ICA-AP Regional Cooperative Research Conference was held at Vaikuntha Mehta National Institute of Cooperative Management (VAMNICOM), Pune, India, on November 5 and 6, 2015.

54 delegates from Australia, India, Korea, Malaysia and Philippines attended the conference. The conference began with Saraswathi Vandana. Dr. Y.S.Patil, Associate Professor provided the participants with an overview of the structure, functioning and achievements of VAMNICOM.  Prof. T. Paranjothi, the organizing Secretary of the Conference, gave an overview of the theme and   modus operandi of the conference proceedings.  He appreciated the financial support provided by NABARD, Surat District Bank, and other organizations. He noted that out of 60 abstracts received, 35 were selected through a process of blind review.

Mr. Sanjeeb  Patjoshi, IPS,  Director of  VAMNICOM  &  CICTAB,  in  his  presidential address observed  that   the   co-operative  movement  is  witnessing  a  sea  change  and   the   issues   of governance, which  the conference is addressing, is central  to the success of co-operatives. Mr. Balasubramanian Iyer, Regional Director, ICA-AP delivered the keynote address and underlined the importance of research in strengthening the co-operative movement. Shri Dilipbhai B. Bhakta, Chairman of Surat  District  Central Cooperative Bank, in his felicitation speech,   underlined the  importance  of  co-operative  sector   in  protecting the  interest of  the farmers. Prof. Anthony Jenson from University of Newcastle, Australia, spoke on behalf of participating international representatives and wished the conference all success.


Dr. Chandrapal Singh Yadav, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha and President of NCUI, in his Inaugural address, stressed on  the  need  for  co-operatives to  emerge as  autonomous entities started and   operated by  the  member  community. He provided a historical sketch   of the contribution of co-operatives in India and said that co-operatives hold different segments of the economy on a balanced footing.   He appreciated the theme chosen   for the Conference and wished the Conference all success.

Shri  M.V.Ashok, Chief  General Manager, NABARD;  Dr.  D.V. Deshpande,  Director, Bankers Institute of Rural  Development, Lucknow; Dr L.K.Vaswani, Director, Kalinga  Institute of Technology; and  Dr  Manju  Singh,  Head PhD  Programs  Symbiosis International  University, graced the occasion  by their presence.


A vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. M.R. Joshi, Registrar, VAMNICOM.



The theme of the conference had been fixed as GOVERNANCE OF CO-OPERATIVES: ISSUES AND CHALLENGES and the Research Committee had accordingly invited research papers on the following sub themes:


1. Theories and models of governance

2. Structure and processes of governance

3. Political and economic democracy

4. Member participation

5. Women and youth participation

6. Legal environment affecting governance

7. Role of board and executive

8. General body powers and limitations

9. Co-operative leadership


30 Research Presentations were made at the conference by the authors from  Australia, India, Korea, Malaysia and  Philippines on different sub themes, in two parallel sessions on November 5 and 6, 2015. The papers presented in  the  conference will  be further reviewed and  selected papers will be published in the form of a book shortly.


The valedictory session  of the  Conference was  held  at 4.30 PM on November 06 at the  Jubilee Hall  of VAMNICOM.  The closing  function began  with  a prayer rendered by students.  Prof. Anil Karanjkar, VAMNICOM welcomed the gathering.  The closing  function featured a special presentation by representatives of Aadishakti Foundation, Pune,  who  are involved in collective efforts  to  help  the  disadvantaged groups. Dr.  Yashavantha Dongre of University of Mysore provided an  overview of the  seminar proceedings and  observed that  the  technical sessions of the conference were  very  intense and  some high  quality research outputs were  presented in the conference.

Mr. Romulo Vilamin  from the Philippines, provided feedback on behalf of the participants. Mr. Balasubramanian Iyer, the Regional Director of ICA-AP  expressed his happiness about the way  the conference was  organized and  thanked the Director, faculty  and  staff of VAMNICOM for their splendid organization. Er Sanjeeb  Patjoshi,  IPS, Director of VAMNICOM & CICTAB, who  presided over  the  closing session,  observed that  a good  academic exercise  is like a light  that  shows the  future path.   He called  upon the research community to work  with  greater vigor  and  said  that  VAMNICOM is always willing  to partner with  any activity meant for the good  of co-operatives. The closing  session  ended with  a vote  of thanks proposed by the  Organizing Secretary of the Conference, Prof. T.Paranjothi.