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With the addition of two new members, the Union of Housing Cooperatives in Palestine (PUHC) and the Central Union of State Rural Production Cooperatives of Iran (CURPC), the total number of members in ICA-AP currently stands at 104 from 32 countries.


Union of Housing Cooperatives in Palestine (PUHC)


PUHC seeks to support the collective efforts of individuals and/or groups from the middle to low-income strata to obtain decent housing. Its members are voluntarily linked as co-operative housing associations. The Federation aspires to contribute to guaranteeing the right of Palestinians to live decently and to strengthen the ability of Palestinians to maintain their land by enabling them to build on all Palestinian territories.


Central Union of State Rural Production Cooperatives of Iran (CURPC)


CURPC aims to empower the rural production cooperatives in terms of autonomy and independence nationwide. The philosophy behind establishment of rural production cooperate societies is to overcome limiting features of Iran agriculture system which are: small farm size, scattered parcels and small holder farmers and legal system. The goal of CURPC is to support members of rural production cooperatives to modify the structure of the farming system increase productivity in production, optimal allocation and usage of resources, promoting quality and quantity of agricultural crops, development of agro-processing industries (cropping, horticulture, livestock, forestry, fisheries), creation of a sustainable agriculture system, protect the environment, enhance member welfare and economic capacity, marketing and development of business for members