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ICA Membership

We offer two types of membership: national-level co-operatives and organisations that unite or federate groups of co-operatives may become Members while other kinds of organisations that are not themselves co-operatives, but that support them in some way, can become Associate Members.

Those eligible to become full Members are:

  • National union or federation of co-operative organisations
  • National confederation of co-operative unions (apex organisations)
  • National co-operative business organisation with majority individual ownership (a co-operative society working at the national level whose members are not only people but can also be enterprises - i.e. a mixed
  • Individual co-operative organisation (primary or grassroots co-operatives)
  • International and regional (supranational) federations or unions of co-operativeorganisations(organisations with membership in multiple countries)
  • Mutual organisations that comply with the ICA Statement on Co-operative Identity.

Those eligible to become Associate Members are:

  • Organisations that are not otherwise eligible to be full members, including:
    • Organisations that are supporters of co-operatives
    • Government departments and agencies Organisations that are owned and controlled by co-operatives (entities that are not co-ops themselves but that are owned entirely by co-ops (not individuals)
    • Educational, research and other institutions that promote or finance co-operatives and the co-operative movement (training institutions and semi-autonomous institutions with no co-operative members)
    • Organisations entitled to full member status, but that are not ready to apply for full membership (for a limited time).

Please note that full membership requires applicants to be representative of the co-operative movement in their country, such as having membership in more than one region, having a significantly large membership base, or representing many sectors. Applicants should also be well established and have the capacity to pay their subscriptions as well as participate in the regional or global General Assemblies.